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August 27th, 2008

A sh!#$load of stuff just came in the wearhouse check it out!! @ 05:24 pm

1 . Our fourth series of NFL Legends offers five players making their Sports Picks debuts, and all-new sculpt for 49ers hero Joe Montana. Figures will include: Joe Montana, Howie Long, Jack Lambert, Warren Moon, John Riggins, Fran Tarkenton. 

2. McFarlane Toys is proud to present NHL 19, a Sports Picks lineup featuring a trio of Hall of Fame goalies, two current primetime scorer and our first-ever figure of a coach

A new era of Star Wars entertainment begins in 2008 when Star Wars: The Clone Wars, from creator George Lucas, premieres as an all-new feature film in August, followed by the television series debut in the fall, in a partnership announced today between Lucasfilm Ltd. The theatrical debut of Star Wars: The Clone Wars is only the beginning of all-new Star Wars adventures that continue in the fall when the long-awaited television series premieres on Cartoon Network.

And there is a lot more check it out  !!!!!! www.toyglobe.com


August 4th, 2008

Ah f@#& !! more money to spend STAR WARS CLONE WARS @ 09:47 am

This just in from the gods!! @ Hasbro.

"The Animated Clone Wars series is a massive undertaking on the part of Lucasfilm and their broadcast partners around the world, and will be the way in which a new generation of young fans will experience Star Wars for the first time. Since kids want to play Star Wars like they see it on the screen, our plans are no less ambitious and we will be continuing with new figures, vehicles, role play, and more as the series unfolds". So expect plenty of goodies to come @ www.toyglobe.com

TMNT new website!!!???? hum! have a look @ 09:32 am

Mirage Studios, Inc.and 4Kids Entertainment, Inc. announce the launch of an exclusive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) Website, created for the fans who have made everyone’s favorite heroes in a half-shell a staple in pop culture for a quarter of a century.  TMNT25.com, unveiled today at Comic-Con International, is the official destination for the Turtle’s 25th Anniversary Shell-ebration in 2009.  Fans will have the opportunity to register on the site to receive up-to-the-minute 25th Anniversary information and locations for special events, as well as the chance to win rare collectibles and prizes and much more, via the downloadable Turtles widget.


July 14th, 2008

New Marvel Movies! READ THIS !!! @ 02:15 pm


Spurred by the success of "Iron Man", Marvel has announced a new set of movies that will be released in 2010 and 2011.

The first movie planned to hit the theaters is the "Iron Man" sequel, creatively titled "Iron Man 2" at the moment. The release date will be April 30, 2010. A "Thor" movie will be released in the summer of 2010 also. I like "Thor", but it's clearly a set up for something bigger.

The 'something bigger' comes in 2011. "The First Avenger: Captain America" will be released in early 2011
 I am really stoked for a Cap movie. "Captain America" is an iconic figure; sure, he will probably be fighting terrorism of some kind, but with Cap, it will be believable and interesting. I know that Cap can come off as corny or old-fashioned, but the incarnations in the last few years have all been very strong. Is it too early to call this the "Iron Man" of 2011?

I'll answer my own question and say - yeah, it's too early. The real "Iron Man" of 2011 will be "The Avengers"!!!

"The Avengers" movie has been highly anticipated for years. But, with the introduction of "Iron Man", "Thor" and "Captain America", they have the basis of the team. I can do without the addition of the "Hulk", as I started reading those books well after he was gone from the team. Notably, there is no mention of the "Hulk" in the press release, so Marvel may be thinking along the same lines. To be honest, I hope they skip forward in time a bit and complete the team with the "Scarlet Witch" and "Quicksilver" (or even Vision), rather than go with the more traditional starting team membership (i.e. "Hulk", "Ant-man" and the "Wasp"). But, that's just me.

Hopefully, this will be a franchise for years!


Invincible Iron Man Figure 12 inch Now that's nice!!!! @ 02:05 pm

Enter the world of Iron Man with this movie-inspired action figure! Snap on an array of modular weapons, including a laser-vision targeting harness, removable helmet, retractable long-range artillery, and a firing arm cannon. Activate the spring-open wings on his high-altitude flight pack, and you're ready to stage this supersonic fighter into freedom flights. Press the chest button and Iron Man's chest and hand light up. You can even remove his mask to reveal Tony Stark! Glowing repulsors and electronic landing and blastoff sounds make this figure almost believable, especially when he bursts out with exciting phrases like, "I am Iron Man!" "Repulsor blast!" and "Target engaged!" Launch repulsor projectiles and missiles at your target and recreate a never-ending onslaught of Iron Man force! Stands 12-inches tall. This is a pre-order.


Hulk Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure Wave 1 and 2 Pre-order @ 12:16 pm

You'll like him when he's angry! (And when he's not.) The Hulk may not be a jolly green giant, but he's done a lot to help save (and smash) the world. Celebrating years of his gamma-fueled rampages, this amazing assortment of 6-inch scale figures showcases heroes and villains from the entire run of the Hulk comics. Collect them all! As an added bonus, All you marvel lovers can use this  coupon code LIVEJ2506  that can be used on any marvel legends product . you can receive between 5-50 % when you buy more than $50.00 only @ www.toyglobe.com  this coupon code ends July 31 2008. Estimated to arrive in August 2008

July 9th, 2008

Patience people hold off on the emails HALO 3 SERIES 2 on its WAY!!! @ 01:09 pm


Here is the new look for halo Mcfarlane. Nice huh!!!
The second series from the huge XBox game includes Master Chief 2, Brute stalker, ODST, Drone, Arbiter, Red Spartan (CQB armor), White Spartan (EVA armor), Tan Spartan Scout and Olive Spartan w/ EOD Armor.  Even i can't wait !

July 8th, 2008


Weather your a baseball fan or a spawn fan we have it ALL!!  www.toyglobe.com  




Bring home one of the biggest Marvel legends! Just like HASBRO's line of Marvel Legends Action Figures, the Spider-Man Build-A-Figure Action Figures each include a unique piece that, when combined, can build an exclusive action figure! Collect all 8 Action Figures and build your very own Sandman.

This case of 6-inch scale Spider-Man Build-A-Figure Action Figures includes 8 individually packaged Action Figures: 1x Sandman, 1x Spider-Man (Black-Suited), 1x Venom, 1x New Goblin, 1x Doctor Octopus, 1x Green Goblin, 1x Mary Jane, 1x Spider-Man (Red & Blue.)
WHERE ELSE www.toyglobe.com



Developed by Treyarch and built using the Call of Duty® 4: Modern Warfare™ engine, Call of Duty: World at War thrusts players into the chaos of WWII combat, challenging them to band together to survive the climactic battles of the South Pacific and European theaters that led to the demise of the Axis powers. Re-defining WWII by offering an uncensored experience with unique enemies and combat tactics, Call of Duty: World at War offers cooperative gameplay, a franchise first which enables players to fight together like never before.

McFarlane Toys' first series of highly detailed, game-accurate
Call of Duty: World at War action figures will consist of four soldiers: